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What's Different About How I Work?

I work with women seeking to improve their lives. If you choose to work with me as your coach, I’ll focus our attention on your resources and positive goals, we’ll find solutions, and create action plans. I’ll accompany you over the short or medium term to help you resolve any blocks or overcome obstacles. This is all good stuff and is usual with personal development coaching. If we were to stop there, though, we’d be restricting our work to your ‘outer game’.

By the time you seek me out, you’ve probably repeatedly tried working on your outer game. If your aim is to stop binge eating, for example, you’ve probably tried diets and exercise regimes, perhaps again and again. So with Mind Coaching, we also give attention to your ‘inner game’.

What you might’ve been missing so far, is paying equal attention to your ‘inner game’. None of us makes a conscious decision to keep doing that thing that’s not good for us, or is making us unhappy. And if it’s not determined by a conscious decision, where is the behaviour coming from? That’s what we’ll investigate together—to make the unconscious conscious. To shine a spotlight into what hasn’t been seen or witnessed before.

Using hypnosis, we engage with parts of you previously outside of conscious awareness. These parts then become transformed into resources, bringing positive energy and skills towards your goals. Until then, these hidden parts may be contributing to what you might experience as inner conflict, or ‘self-sabotage’.

I hear clues this is happening in questions like, ‘Why do I keep eating this stuff, when I don’t want to and I know it’s not good for me?’ Or in confused statements like, ‘Part of me wants to leave, and part of me wants to stay’. How can you hope to move forward when parts of you are pulling in different directions?

So, with Mind Coaching we probably dip more into emotional work than in traditional coaching, but we don’t stay with negative memories or feelings for long. Just long enough to ensure they’re not creating obstacles in the present, or limiting your future.

New possibilities emerge when you’re in a resourceful, creative and generative state. So, in our sessions, you’ll experience shifting into a more curious, playful state. I’ll encourage you to notice when you’ve slipped into a negative mood or problem state. Because emotional moods, like sadness, bias how you experience reality and how you predict your future.

You may not be aware you’ve been viewing much of yourself and your world through unhelpful filters; after all, you can’t see the lens you’re looking through. You may have even believed in the thoughts generated by these negative states.

We can consider this work as de-hypnotising you out of the kind of negative trances we live in all the time. Like the I’m-a-failure trance, I’ll-always-be-like-this trance, or whatever negative patterns you might’ve been running.

We’ll create change that’s sustainable, so you don’t slip back into old habits and behaviours when our sessions are over. You’ll develop a new way of being.

I’ll encourage you to nourish yourself, by you making a little time for activities that bring you back into a creative state of consciousness: walking in nature, painting, dancing… Practices that engage your mind and body, in which you give full attention to your self.


Questions about hypnosis in coaching

I recently heard hypnosis described simply as, ‘the art of using the imagination to get real results’. I love this definition!

Let me also offer this definition: It’s an interaction, not a special state. A hypnotist (like me) leads the attention of the hypnotee (like you) away from their surroundings, and guides them towards their inner experience. Changes of perception are suggested and experienced.

Trance, a by-product of hypnosis, is often mistaken for hypnosis itself. Trance is a natural, pleasant state that feels different for everyone. It can occur as a result of hypnosis, but isn’t itself hypnosis.

It isn’t necessary for you to understand the mechanics of what we’re doing. Just as we don’t need to understand how a lightbulb works to switch on the light. You just need to participate and use your imagination.

You don’t need to get caught up in the jargon. I know what’s important to you is that you get the results you’re looking for.

But for those of you who are curious, I choose to call myself a Mind Coach, although I’m qualified in both hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching. Mind Coaching, sometimes called Hypnotic Coaching, is a kind of change work, in which we use hypnosis and/or techniques from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for the purpose of coaching. In the same way that hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes in hypnotherapy.

I confess, this was a slight concern I had before first trying hypnosis. I now see that what I was concerned about was, could I get stuck in trance?  Either way, I now know for sure this isn’t possible.

From the outside, it might look like this has happened, very occasionally with a great hypnotic subject, but actually there’s something very different going on. Watch my video ‘Can You Get Stuck in Hypnosis’ to learn how I first discovered the answer to this question.

Our focus is on solutions and the future. We may sometimes need to look briefly at things from your past that might be holding you back, to transform how you’re feeling about them, so you can move forward.

But it’s not about you thinking or talking at length about your past. In my experience, absorbing ourselves in our past can leave us feeling more entrenched in our past, and problem situations.

You won’t need to tell me any details you’d rather not share. In fact, sometimes, it’s possible for us to work with me knowing only the bare bones of what the issue is. This is called working ‘content free’.

Yes, you’ll be in control. It’s something you’re doing with your mind and imagination. I’m just there to facilitate this happening.

You’ll be able to talk to me quite normally. You can choose whether to have your eyes open or closed.

You may have this question because you’ve seen stage hypnosis. Although it’s quite different from clinical hypnosis, even in stage hypnosis, the hypnotee remains in control. The illusion that the hypnotist has taken control is key to the entertainment. It is, however, an illusion, and a very skilful one. It’s easy to forget that what you are seeing is a co-creation between the hypnotist and hypnotee.

I draw on techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in my coaching. CBT and hypnosis is a good combination, which is backed by research. These two ways of working are complementary and operate on different levels.

Much of coaching operates on a conscious level. I’ll ask you questions you might not have asked yourself, help you consider things from new perspectives, keep up motivation, and bring accountability.

Hypnosis goes deeper and broader. It opens doors to parts of you that might otherwise remain closed or unnoticed during a regular coaching or talking therapy session. By accessing processes outside of your conscious awareness, we get deep and sustainable change.

How I Can Help

I help women to live healthier, happier lives. Are ready to stop struggling and let go of what’s holding you back? 

Whether you’re binge eating, experiencing anxiety, struggling with menopause symptoms, or seeking inner guidance about your future path.

Using a blend of coaching and hypnosis, we’ll uncover any unconscious beliefs or behaviours that may be keeping you stuck and sabotaging your efforts.

We’ll work together to make sure you’re supported on a path towards the health and fulfilment you deserve.

Discover how hypnosis and coaching can make the difference in your life, and get started on a new chapter.

If you’re curious whether this might be right for you, take a first step and schedule a free 20-minute Zoom call with me.



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The last hypnotism session I did with you made a big difference. Straight away I lost 90% of my anxiety around teaching and started to enjoy it much more. Things are still going well. Thank you so much for that!

Teacher, Dublin

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